Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Enrique Pena Nieto Encouraged By Recent Political Popularity

Enrique Pena Nieto is number one for the Partido Revolucionario Institutional (PRI) to the election for president of Mexico in 2012 A governor of the State of Mexico from 2005 t0 2011 first, and now candidate for the presidency. It is true that Enrique Pena Nieto is related to other politicians, but to his credit, he has made an effort to better himself with a law degree as well as an MBA.

He has been involved with the PRI since 1984. He learned the ropes by being an instructor in PRI's Electoral Training Center and a Coordinator for the party's Parliamentary Group in the LV Legislature. Add to his resume, Chairman of the Political Coordination of the same Legislature.

He is no stranger to politics having been involved with the state government of Mexico from the 90's until 2002. He wore many hats while he worked in the state government of Mexico: Government Administration Secretary, President of the Directive Council for the Social Security Institute, President of the Internal Council of Health Institute and Vice President of the Government Board for Integral Family Development System He became affiliated with the National Institute of Public Administration and the Administrative Council for Decentralized Public Agencies.

Nieto exemplified what it means to be dedicated to politics by also being a political advisor to the PRI in addition to everything else. All of his duties helped to prepare him for his future as a candidate. His elaborate and systematic plan of action from state government to presidential candidate has been steady.

He helped pick the governor of the state of Mexico in 2004. He beat other candidates in the nomination process, namely Guillermo González Martínez, Gustavo Cárdenas Monroy, Jaime Vázquez Castillo, Eduardo Bernal Martínez, Fernando Alberto García Cuevas, Cuauhtémoc García Ortega, Isidro Pastor Medrano, Enrique Jacob Rocha, Héctor Luna de la Vega and Carlos Hank Rhon. It wasn't until February of 2005 that he became the nominee for the governorship as a candidate of the PRI.

Elections for the state of Mexico were held on July 3, 2005. Enrique Peña Nieto garnered 49 percent of the total votes in the state. The baton of governorship was passed over to Nieto on September 15, 2005 at the Morelos Theater in Toluca in front of 5,000 people.

The environment, energy reform and sustainable development and the acceleration of educational reform in support of youth empowerment and employment generation were his priorities when he became governor. During his governorship, he was able to walk a fine line between the different factions within the party. His popularity comes from his ability to help the people with boosts in the economy, housing sector and agricultural business.

He waited until the end of his term to run for the presidency. Senator Manlio Fabio Beltrones, Nieto's only opponent, has chosen not to run after all. After Beltrone made his decision not to run, Nieto had a free ride to the candidacy.

Despite controversies, Pena Nieto is often referred to as the next president of Mexico. He is waging political war with his own presidential polls against his opponents, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the leftist PRD party and Josefina Vazquez Mota of the ruling party PAN. July 1, 2012, will mark a new era in politics for Mexico, when the people will elect a new President.

The PRI expects their candidate to win. His concern and good work for the people of Mexico have laid the groundwork for the perception of Pena Nieto to be that of a democratic president unlike past presidents who were more like dictators. Pena Nieto wants to develop Mexico into the nation it ought to be, a country with great natural resources and good people who are willing and able to work who should not be afraid and who have to leave in order to survive, but let's face it, Nieto has gotten where he is with the help of many people who he too will probably owe favors....good luck Mexico!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

What Steve Heyer CEO Has to Say on Marketing

Steve Heyer CEO is a strong believer in the concept of constant adaptation in the industry in reaction to changing times. These are bold words that were spoken by this visionary business leader almost a decade ago and people continue to refer to them today. Heyer's remarks on the topic were given some years ago in a gathering of executive officers of various advertising companies.

Heyer currently has the CEO seat in what is inarguably one of the largest businesses in the hotel industry. His words from some years past were eventually continued in subsequent interrogations regarding them. His primary claim was that he had not intention of marketing a hotel room but rather wanted to market an experience.

He said, “We sell experiences. We deliver memories.” Technically, what is being offered has not really changed: it is simply the way of looking at it that has.

Heyer believed that the future held great things by way of personalization. This exactly is today’s most observable trend across corporations and industries. Nowhere is this more visible than in the technologically-centered industries.

Nowadays, various businesses in media are in trouble because of the changes in technology. For example, musicians saw a sharp decline in profits following the rise of MP3 distribution sites. Internet users indiscriminately downloaded the latest and most popular hits for free.

Heyer's conference speech talked about the panic music-producers went through during this time. The circumstances had changed, Heyer said, and so should the methods of distribution as well as reproduction. It was necessary for other media producers, according to Heyer, to take note of this imperative for change.

Essentially, he was saying that the time had come for businesss to market a culture, not a product. The idea behind the marketing for Heyer's hotels company is now that of entertainment that cannot be found elsewhere. This would thus place the onus of drawing in consumers on the entertainment value of the hotels in question, as opposed to their actual ability to "house" people in need of a place to stay temporarily.

Hence, the company has actually struck up a partnership with the Victoria's Secret brand in an effort to market the experience of being in a Starwood hotel (and watching a Victoria's Secret runway show, in this case). To tempt customers, the shows have been marketed as exclusive events. Here we see the application of Heyer's concepts.

Heyer has not restrained from making critiques of Hollywood practices, like the meaningless appearance of brands in scenes. He found it reprehensible for its lack of contextual significance. Heyer argues against the practice by calling it both a useless appendage to the plot as well as a useless tool for a business.

In the past, Steve Heyer CEO was a chief executive for the company that makes Coke. From his work with them, we can see a smarter way to boost brand visibility without being meangingless. He managed to get Coke cups on the table of the judges for a certain talent competition aired on TV, ensuring contextual visibility.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Graduates and AACSB Online MBA Programs

What kind of person will benefit from something like an AACSB online MBA degree? For those who want to be an educator working for an institution that offers business programs, you will need an AACSB-accredited business degree. But outside the academe, this particular accreditation is less critical, unless you desire to compete at the management/executive level.

For Intel, who has been providing tuition assistance for workers interested in getting their MBAs, the company announced that they will start extending support only to MBA graduates of AACSB accredited schools. Even if you got an online degree, if the school is AACSB certified, you will get support for your tuition. If you manage to get a business degree from a school with the AACSB's seal of approval, you will have an edge professionally.

Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International is what these letters stand for. Voluntary and private in origin, this particular certifications agency works not only with business institutions but those that delve into accounting as well. The AACSB has been the academic watchdog of advanced business education programs since 1916.

Due to their longevity not to mention their consistency, there are tons of Ivy League business schools that have applied for Arcs accreditation. From Stanford to Duke, there are plenty of educational facilities that have AACSB accredited MBA programs under their belt. When it comes to the AACSB, they have even accredited the online MBA course from Duke.

However, one should note that universities do not necessarily need an AACSB accreditation to offer an MBA degree program, be it online or on-campus. There was a study on MBAs that was conducted recently and according to the results, a number of accredited online courses have failed to abide by the standards of the AACSB. While an AACSB accredited online MBA is the gold standard of distance learning MBA school accreditation, only about 30% of business schools in the US have AACSB accreditation.

An accreditation from the AACSB is not the only bearing for schools when it comes to something like educational quality. In some cases, the institutions that do not follow the standards of the AACSB have more comprehensive courses for interested individuals. One of the reasons why some institutions prefer not to have this kind of accreditation is because they want to create programs not only for typical students but for working professionals as well.

The thing about an AACSB online MBA is that the accreditation jacks up the costs of studying making a conventional MBA more feasible for most students. If you do not have a thirty grand budget, do not enroll in an AACSB online MBA program. Without an accreditation from the agency, you immediately get a ten grand discount.

Choosing a regionally certified course will lead to 10000 in savings. Choose the ordinary MBA if you are working with a strict budget. You may skip AACSB accreditation too to gain easier admission to an MBA program.

Why? The GMAT is something that will be required when it comes to this and you should also have a higher than usual undergraduate GPA. Accredited programs demand higher admission standards making the programs farfetched for average students.

To sum up everything, there are several reasons to consider an AACSB online MBA degree. If you are eyeing a competitive job position, you should seriously consider this degree and if you are confident in what you know, the GRE or GMAT requirements should not bother you one bit. For those with adequate funding and for those who are concerned with academic prestige, this is the course to consider.

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